Christopher Kane Takes Juicy Tubes on a World Tour

Lancôme has partnered with Christopher Kane on a project for the iconic, oft-imitated Juicy Tubes franchise. The result: The Juicy Tubes World Tour, nine new lip glosses, each decorated with an illustration by Christopher. The shades, names and flavors were born from Kane’s fashion travels. From Rio, where, according to Kane, “the girls have an incredible kind of beauty,” to Paris, “the fashion capital of the world,” to New York, where “girls are groomed, sophisticated and so well dressed,” each captures the excitement of the hottest cities around.

The Lancôme-Christopher Kane relationship extended to the recent Spring and Fall 2008 shows where Lancôme did the makeup backstage.

The nine fashionable shades ($18 each) are:

*Red Hot New York
*Fifth Avenue Frosting
*Copacabana Coffee
*Rio Mango
*Grand Café Crème Brûlée
*Moulin Rose
*Paris Bubbly
*Tokyo Plum Blossom
*Peach Mochi

The Lancôme Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes are available at, the five Lancôme boutiques, specialty stores and counters nationwide.

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1 Comment Christopher Kane Takes Juicy Tubes on a World Tour

  1. kara

    i used to like Juicy Tubes but lately i have fallen in LOVE with L’oreal’s Color Juice glosses! i’m telling you, they are fabulous quality for being from the drugstore and they’re long lasting, have great colors, and no irritating sickeningly sweet taste either. plus the price doesn’t hurt so you can get a few! my favorites are Pina Colada (which is an EXACT dupe of MAC’s Wildy Lush Plushglass and very close to C-thru Lipglass) which is great for a non-concealer-like nude lip and Strawberry Smoothie which is just a pretty, pinkish-bronzey color. did you ever try these?


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