Wash Me Amadeus Week: Drugstore Darling

As far as face washes go, Neutrogena is my number one choice for drugstore darling. Their Deep Clean Foaming Scrub will set you back a mere $7. I love the refreshing minty-on-my-face tingly cool lather. And, while it mildly exfoliates, it’s not the kind of exfoliation that feels like it’s interfering with the cleansing process. I even use this one to remove makeup as well. The tiny microbeads gently exfoliate skin while sweeping away dead skin cells. I like that it lathers despite having microbeads; a rarity in exfoliating face washes. The mentholated gel cleans down to pores leaving my skin feeling fresh, clean and energized. Best of all? It doesn’t dry my skin out at all. Between this gem and their Oil-Free Acne Wash, a Fabulista staple of 10 years, I heart Neutrogena more than Mandy Moore did in 1999.

Missing you like candy. Love always,

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  1. Fabulista

    Hi Melissa!
    Let me know what you think. I’m v. impressed with it.

    Hi Kara!

    I LOVE Christian. Although, I don’t think his final collection was all that. I found every single other piece he created GORGE, but I was totally not into anything he produced for FW. That said, he’s hilar and massively talented. I thought Jillian’s was pretty good, and I actually really liked Rami’s final collection. I thought the weaving was genius. Didn’t like the Brady Bunch colors, though.

  2. kara

    hi fab! i’ve been dying to try the oil-free acne wash, but do you think it would be too harsh or drying for my normal/dry skin? also, how did you feel about Christian winning Project Runway?! although he gets on my last nerve, i do think he is the most talented. i was very disappointed with Jillian’s collection, i usually LOVE what she designs and i was expecting much more from her. as for Rami, i liked his collection but HATED the colors, i think it would have been 1,000X better w/different more modern colors. what did you think?!


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