4 Quick Things

1. Please remember to update your links/bookmarks to http://beautybloggingjunkie.com as this site’s url has changed.
2. Take advantage of the new BBJ Subscriptions option on the sidebar to the right! Also, you can sign up to receive BBJ via email by entering your email address in the feedblitz box on the right.
3. My friend Melissa Walker’s book, Violet by Design is now out! Buy it via her site.
4. If you don’t mind, please participate in this short poll. I’m trying to get a handle on this blog’s readership demographic. Note, I realize I’m really stu and didn’t create this quiz correctly, i.e., there are two boxes you can check if you’re 26, 35, 40 and so on. Whatev, put yourself in the younger box. It’s fine with me. We’re all about youth at BBJ HQ.

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Thanks, dolls! Stay tuned for Wash me Amadeus: Face Wash Week! It’s starting Sunday or Monday.


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