Pre-Vaca Manicure for Sure

Dolls, I am EXHAUSTED. I moved and unpacked the last 48 hours (I obv took breaks to sleep and eat) right after attending a party thrown by Allure magazine and where there were Rita Hazan hairstylists and Dashing Diva nail technicians there to glamify you up AT the party. I brought Marina as my plus one and proceeded to become the most glam person ever to move. Joshua Farrington of Rita Hazan curled my hair, which looked phenom on Thursday night, but had unforunately wilted by Friday morning. That’s to be expected. I’d assumed my nails would be hist by Friday circa 2pm after a good 4 hours of moving. I mean, I was going to live with it, it was a free mani (Mary, who did my nails, is a DOLL.) I was dead wrong. Here we are on Saturday night and my nails are NOT EVEN CHIPPED. Minor wear and tear on the very tips, that’s IT. Get yourself to Dashing Divas immediately if not sooner. The mani quality will withstand a weeklong vaca somewhere warm and fabulous.

P.S. My new apartment is PHENOM! It’s much larger/airier and quieter. My roommate and I are SO much happier since yesterday. Also, our old apartment was SWELTERING hot from October to May, until the A/C kicks in when it is only sauna hot. This apartment is cool as a cucumber. I rocked a sweatshirt indoors for the first time since I moved to my current apartment building (we moved to a new unit within the same building) in 2004!!

Have a fab weekend.

Photo credit: Dashing Diva

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  1. Fabulista

    Hi Fashion’s Darling!
    DD is the shizzle. I will so be frequenting the salon ASAP! Glad you like it as well!

    Hi Parisjasmal!
    I did have a blast at fashion week. I’m sorry you were only able to get out here one day. And I hope your grandmother’s condition improves, that’s awful. Thanks for the congrats on the new crib! It’s faboo. Not going on vaca, but if I were, I’d be DD’ing it up prior!


  2. MonkeyPosh

    Blogger is being wenchy and not letting me sign in-ACK.

    First off–I hope you had a blast at Fashion Week. I was only able to get in and out of New York in one day–weather, ill Grandmothers, and limited non scary hotel contingent. MY lifestyle has no patina right now.

    Second of all–Congrats on your new crib. I love airy and cool!
    I hope you are very happy there.

    Rock on with YOUR lifestyle!!!

    Are you going on vacay, or are you just implying Dashin Diva manicures will last you through a potential vacay?
    If you are going on vacay–HAVE A BLAST!!!


  3. Fashion's Darling

    I ABSOULTELY LOVE DASHING DIVA!!! I first discovered them after starting my new job. There’s one literally across the street! So I decided to treat myself after a customer told me how wonderful they are…and I was glad I did! My nails looked great and lasted so long. I’m an addict!


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