Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Vivienne Tam

Hey, gals!

Once again, I cannot believe my lifestyle. Thanks, TotalBeauty, for the opportunity to go backstage and get the inside scoop on all things beauty at the Vivienne Tam show today.

John Reyman for Aveda (pictured above) talked to me backstage about the inspiration for the wildly huge hair going on. “Vivienne wanted to go with dramatic hair – really all about shape and texture.” After taking a look at different images of possible shapes, John went for a Himalayan feel with free flowing ends instead of tucking them under. Curly razzed-up extensions were added for serious volume, before John backcombed and curled the entire bulk of hair. He used Aveda Volumizing Tonic, lots of Air Control Hairspray, and Pure Abundance Potion, which fascinates me. It’s a thickening agent that transforms from a powder into a light, absorbing lotion. The end result was serious shape:

Take a look at the Table of Extensions:

I then journeyed into the makeup section through the hallway in the backstage area of The Promenade where MAC makeup artist Polly Osmond (pictured with model, second photo down) had a couple minutes to talk to me about the idea behind her makeup concept. Polly is a British doll who even let my ragged-tired ass sit during the interview! I was lucky to get there at a good time! The look is based on Tibetan clothes and the richness of their colors, specifically purples, golds, and oranges. Polly focused on a deep purple eye – think a cross between Crayola 8 Pack Purple and Indigo from Rainbow Brite. You with me? “This is a softened version of a similar look I’d seen recently in French Vogue,” Polly explained. To achieve the bold face, Polly applied grey pencil inside the eyelids before painting on varying tones of purple shadow. She opted for a pale lip so as not to create a “clown-like appearance.” Cheeks were also muted: Polly chose MAC Blush in Emote, from their Smoke Signals Collection. This is a grey-brown blush she used for shading. It goes on sheer. Liquid foundation was used for coverage in a matte finish. Eyes were finished off with a few coats of black mascara – no false lashes.

Check out a close-up of the purple eye (Prince would be so pleased):

Nails were polished with CND’s Deep Velvet, a rich plum with slight shimmer. This thick, opaque color is available now.

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Photo credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie

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