Fashion Week: Thuy

Gals, I have to tell you. It’s like I’ve been trying to get through my dinner for years… and it’s finally time for dessert. Thank you, Total Beauty, for the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of reporting on Fashion Week.

This weekend is a whirlwind of fantastic events. Yesterday, I, along with over 25 other bloggers attended a fab dinner at Koi sponsored by Total Beauty and Aveda. Tomorrow, Splendicity is sponsoring a delish brunch at Sarabeth’s. I look forward to that. It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many darling ladies, whose blogs I’d been reading forever, in person. I also realized something funny. In every situation/group I’d been in previously, I’d say I knew a good 90% more on average than the other people in the room about all aspects of beauty: makeup, hair, skincare, bath products, nail polish, etc. I think of myself as someone with broad knowledge of each. I realized how little I know about the ins and outs of each particular aspect of beauty compared to these other girls… except about hair. It seems hair is my number one thing, dolls. Who even knew? That was the only topic about which I could hold my own! Anywho, back to Fashion Week coverage.

This morning, I attended the Thuy show, where the MAC makeup artist focused on ethereal white shadow, enough liner to make me happy, and a strong matte lip. No gloss to be found here, ladies. But trust me, you won’t miss it. Lashes were long, thick and defined. But the hair won me over. Dolls, I typically don’t love an updo. But I’d allow Liam of Ted Gibson haircare to updo-me any day. Soft, glistening curls were loosely anchored into twists or relaxed pony tails resting midway on the back of the head.

I loved the mod colors, bold tights, and sky high shoes in every color possible of a Crayola 64 pack. I don’t purport to be a fashion blogger, but I will see this white silk dress and this purple dress and chocolate brown coat combo again in my dreams. Brown and purple is going to be HUGE in my Fall 08 lifestyle, that’s for damn sure.

Here are my fave beauty looks of the show:

Stay tuned for backstage scoop on Miss Sixty, Tibi, and Vivienne Tam.

Photo credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie

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5 Comments Fashion Week: Thuy

  1. Fabulista

    That sucks. Oh well. I like Becca Mineral SPF 30 Primer, it’s FAB. Stay tuned for a review of that. Also good: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (the lite/oil-free version). Then I put foundation on top of that. Let me know that helps! Or feel free to ask another Q.

  2. Anonymous

    Boo…she didn’t have any details there, but I did ask the question. The skin is just amazing. I just need to find the right products and application to get flawless looking fair skin like that. I know those models don’t have naturally perfect skin ūüėČ
    When you wear foundation, how do you apply it? Any prep product, etc?

  3. Fabulista

    I know, right??? I didn’t get to go backstage to interview the artist, but my gals at and did! Check out their coverage! Tell ’em Fabulista sent you!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow. As a gal with very pale and totally imperfect skin (large pores, kind of oily-ish, and not so smooth) I am coveting the skin look they use here. How did they get it?


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