Venus (Adonis Sold Separately)

If you haven’t, be sure to read Shakespeare’s poem, Venus and Adonis. There will be a pop quiz on Monday. Just kidding.

Inspire romance of Shakespearean proportions with the new Venus Embrace $12.25, to be released February 15.

This five-bladed wonder “corners like its on rails” in the words of fellow Prince fan, Pretty Woman‘s Vivian Ward. It pretty much glides over knees and ankles with curvy grace – it almost feels like the razor head is attached with springs. I’m VERY impressed: I haven’t used a women’s razor since the 90s. THE 90s. My last one was the Gillete Sensor Excel for women. Boy, has technology advanced since then. No bloodshed was involved – perfect for new shavers, or even those who have been shaving since age 12 and still knick themselves on a regular (moi).

Also check out the divinely-scented new shave gel $2.99 with avocado oil.

Special Features include:
* 5 blades spaced closer together individually adjust to hug every curve for dramatically smooth skin
* A Protective Ribbon of Moisture fully surrounding the cartridge for incredible smoothness
* A new soft grip handle made of soft gel material that surrounds the entire handle
* New Venus ShowerPod next generation for in-shower storage – This is HUGE. I LOATHE having to perch my razor precariously on my soapdish only to have it fall and knick my toes while I’m in the shower on a monthly basis. At a MINIMUM. I love my new showerpod. It keeps my razor on the wall, where it should be. Tragically, Venus entered my lifestyle just after Smooth Operator Week, but better late than never!

Yours in Hair Removal,

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