V Day Gift for your Dude: Every Man Jack Valentine’s Day Gift Set

The Every Man Jack Valentine’s Day Gift Set is a very economical $16. Available at www.everymanjack.com and Target online (although, I just read that Target does not enjoy a blogger.. at all. Thanks to the Beauty Addict for posting!)

This brand is cleverly packaged, even more cleverly marketed (fab copywriting, ad team!) and works so well you’ll want to snag some of the products yourself.

Gift Set Includes:

Shave Gel Hydrating Formula – Fragrance Free
The Shave Gel’s rich formula contains methyl glucoside to lubricate skin to reduce shave friction, chamomile extract for soothing relief and hydration, aloe + Vitamin E to heal and protect, and glycerin to help skin retain moisture.

Face Lotion – Post-Shave – Fragrance Free
The light, non-greasy formula in the post-shave Face Lotion deeply hydrates and heals dry or razor-irritated skin. And unlike other lotions, Every Man Jack’s formula will not block pores. It dries to a matte finish, leaving the face feeling clean and refreshed.

Body Wash – Cedarwood Scent
The refreshing Body Wash nourishes and protects skin, for a deep down cleaning that removes dirt and grime without drying the skin. Coconut derived surfactants cleanse, essential oils invigorate and stimulate the senses, and glycerin helps gather and retain skin’s moisture. Every Man Jack’s Body Wash and Shower Gel is also dye free, sodium laurel sulfate free and paraben free. I may or may not use this sometimes for myself… I enjoy the signature mint fragrance! Last I checked, mint is a unisex fragrance.

Body Bars – Cedarwood Scent
Every Man Jack’s vitamin-enriched Body Bars cleanse, soothe and condition skin while protecting it against dryness. The bars are 100 % vegetable based and contain marine extracts to soothe and moisturize, keeping skin feeling fresh all day long.

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