tarte’s We Wish You Health

tarte’s We Wish You Health Skinvigorating Discovery Kit is a fantastic compilation of gloss, mascara, face primer and chic eyeshadow, all specially formulated with ingredients to enhance both your looks and your health.

The real gem in the collection (and there always is one) is the inside out gloss in serenity. I love a sheer red gloss moment, and this one DELIVERS. It appears red in the bottle but is really sheer with a touch of shimmer. And, it’s powered by Borba, maker of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Mine’s almost gone and I’m already suffering separation anxiety. It’s non-sticky and tastes of fruity delishness.

clean slate is a primer that contains Avocado and other oils to moisturize and revitalize your skin naturally. It’s much like Sephora’s Photo Finish Primer in that it hides imperfections and smooths out skin texture. The size is perfect for travel.

lock & roll eyeshadow in slate was a delightful little surprise. There are two different methods of application, roller and brush. The brush applicator is like a creamy paint. Though I haven’t eschewed powder eyeshadow yet (it’s the one powder I’ll allow on my face – powder is AGING, friends), I always take an opportunity to try out a liquid or cream one. The color is a shimmery tinsel that is just begging to be worn to a post-holiday party. Maybe even one where Kir Royals are involved. Who can guess. The other end of Tarte’s lock & roll is marked “loose” with a roll-on applicator. The loose one is not as long lasting, but still provides a shimmery, silvery effect.

Finish off the look with mini lights, camera, lashes! 4-in-1 mascara in cute purple casing that matches the pouch everything comes in. Made with ProVitamin B5 to treat and thicken your lashes, this stuff curls, lengthens and darkens. I keep it in my purse for those why-do-I-look-like-a-man-oops-I-forgot-my-mascara-again days.

All of these items would cost you $50 separately, but you can get Tarte’s We Wish You Health Skinvigorating Discovery Kit at Sephora for the special price of $30, recently marked down from $38. Dolls, get on that. It’s limited EDITION.

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  1. Fabulista

    Hi Kara!

    I obv have been watching PR. That girl was a NIGHTMARE. I actually felt bad for Christian. And that color was horrendous on her! It blended in with her skin and she looked like she was naked!

    Hi Anon!
    I am anti-powder, you’ll see no BM reviews on here b/c I don’t believe in it. I think as far as powder foundations go, BM is probably better, but I seriously think powder ages you because it dries out your skin. Unless you’re VERY oily (and even then, I’d recommend blotting papers), you don’t need powder. I will only allow powder eye shadows because my eyelids aren’t dry. I haven’t reviewed many foundations on the blog, but lately I’m liking Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free) and Biotherm foundations. Feel free to ask more questions! Good luck 🙂

  2. kara

    i look like a total hermit crab w/o mascara too! damn these invisible blonde lashes! and have you been watching Project Runway?! how much did you want to SLAP that girl who Christian had to make the prom dress for?! what a wench!


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