Smooth Operator: Avon Derek Jeter Driven Ultimate Shave Gel

This is weird, I know. But as Tia Williams says, so is Christopher Walken, and he was delightful in Hairspray. I’m no stranger to men’s shaving products (as I mentioned, I even use a men’s razor). But I don’t like the Yankees. And I really don’t typically enjoy celeb-created products. However, Jeter’s shave gel is pretty phenom because it provides fantastic glide, a not-too-masculine scent (that fades fairly quickly anyway), and coats your skin thoroughly. It doesn’t foam up, but once you experience the glide, you won’t miss the foam. I also can cosign it because he partnered with Avon, and I’m usually impressed with their skincare products. Bonus: it reactivates lubrication with water for a comfortable shave for repeat strokes. At $6, you’ll become a Yankees fan. Or at least a DJ fan.

P.S. Only one more day of Smooth Operator Week to go! What will the final product be? Stay tuned!

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