Smooth Operator: Kiss My Face Peach& Creme Moisture Shave

TGIF, dolls!

I have to tell you, I’ve NEVER shaved my legs as much as I have this week. I’m perilously close to the city limits of Razorburnville because I’ve been testing and retesting so as to provide you with the 5 best shave products in my arsenal of shaving paraphernalia. But that’s what must be done and I will rise to the challenge for all of you.

BT dubs, throughout the tenure of Smooth Operator Week, I never shared what razor I use. How stu is that? I am a loyal fan of the Gilette Fusion (non power version). Women’s razors just don’t work the way I want them to. My mother is happy as heck with a Flicker (remember those?) and I still don’t understand how she removes hair with a circular wire-wrapped razor. I’ve tried it and after a shaving, I am still feeling the stubble. I progressed to a Gillette Sensor for Women, which was mediocre. Then I realized that men’s razors are the way to go. The Mach 3 was good, then the Mach 3 Turbo was better, and now, the best thing on the market is the Gillette Fusion. Try it out.

Here are the deets on Kiss My Face Moisture Shave: it contains a moisturizing formula with antiseptic Peppermint to cool and stimulate, emollients Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera for healing. Goldenseal heals and acts as an antiseptic. Arnica aids circulation. Lady’s Mantle is an astringent and has styptic properties. Sage, Horsetail, and Orangeflower act as astringents and refreshers. Soapwort is rich lathering, effective with acne, and like Lemon Grass, cleansing. Vitamins A, and E, the nutrients so important for healthy skin, complete the shave.

Is that not a veritable salad of good-for-your-skin ingredients? It’s a thinner formula, but it moisturizes well, is easy to access in the shower with its pump packaging, and smells like a fresh peach. The price is nice at $6.99 for 11oz. AND, the all natural ingredients (like soapwort… what on earth is that?) will make you feel like a virtuous gal amongst heathens.

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