Ramon News and Orange Mentha Lip Shine

It’s not a good week again, friends. I got a call from Ramon’s vet yesterday and she outlined all the numerous things causing his sickness… everything from kidney problems, to possible cancer, to fluid in his abdomen, to heart disease, to extensive liver damage, which caused the other illnesses. She told me they could do several invasive surgeries/tests to find out what’s wrong with him. He’d have needed at least $10,000 worth of medical treatments/surgeries/tests/biopsies and even if we medicated him for all his ailments, she gave him a prognosis of 6 months to a year. She said he wouldn’t be in pain for that time, but his quality of life would diminish severely. I had to make the hardest decision of my life. Last night, I had him put to sleep and I’m embarrassingly devastated.

I went to see him and say goodbye with my roommate Carrie in the hospital and left before they did the procedure, I couldn’t handle it. He was only 6 years old, I once had a guinea pig who lived longer. I had to settle up his bills for all of the work they’d done on him Monday/Tuesday and even that was far more expensive than I’d anticipated, but I’m glad they were able to help him feel better (his blood pressure was low when I’d taken him and and he’d been severely dehydrated from not eating all week, but he’d been restored at least in those areas) in his last day. Happy F’ing Hannukah, right? Thanks to those who have left comments, contributed, and called, and especially to Carrie for accompanying me last night to the pet hospital. Here’s a pic of a healthier Ramon this May:

And here’s a picture of him snuggling on the couch with his sister, Simone:

Simone and I both miss him painfully. She has been looking for him in the apartment and crying. It’s SO SAD. Ramon liked smelling any new people or purchases to enter the apartment, biting the plastic handles on trash bags, seeing what was in the refrigerator, eating (until his last week), and guarding the front door like a big burly bouncer. He also loved shoes, bags, and boys. We had SO much in common.

What can you do, right? I haven’t worn much makeup in the past few days, but I have been toting my C.O. Bigelow Orange Cream Mentha Lip Shine as a tribute to my orange friend Ramon. It tastes delish and adds moisture and shine, all at once.

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  1. fabulista1


    Thanks so much for your very kind words. Your advice to get a new cat from the SPCA is fantastic, and I would absolutely be doing that if I didn’t have another cat. I have Ramon’s sister Simone, and we’re doing well together. I thought about getting another cat to keep her company but I think it’s best to just have her. I sort of adopted both of them originally by chance from a shelter when they were about a year old and most likely wouldn’t have been saved. Simone is kind of traumatized, she’s never been without Ramon, nor alone at all, but she’s adjusting better every day (and so am i). Anyway, this comment has become exceedingly long, but I would absolutely get a new cat if I didn’t still have a pet at home. I’m doing a lot better! I’ll be back to blogging this week.

  2. Emily

    I’m extremely sorry your cat was so sick, but you did the right thing. Today is the first time I’ve looked at your blog, but you seem to be a great person who really cares about animals. There need to be more people like that! I know this won’t make it better, but go to the SPCA or somewhere and adopt another cat– preferably not a kitten, since kittens are always in demand. Give your love to another grown cat and you’ll be helping them. I’ve had to have several of my cats put to sleep over the years and it’s so incredibly difficult, but it really shows how much you love them that you’re able to put their needs above your own. You sound like a wonderful person, and I hope you are doing okay!

  3. Fabulista


    I knew I’d hear from you soon! Thank you so much. I’m so sorry to hear about Nick. The whole situation is torturous, you’re so right. And the holiday season makes it harder. I really appreciate your understanding and your thoughts. I’m sure you miss Nick and I hope it continues to get easier for you.


  4. Parisjasmal

    Oh Sweetie- I have been out of town, so I am just now reading this. I am so sorry about your dear Ramon.
    I had a sweet Westie who we had to put to sleep Dec 8 of last year, so I totally know how you feel…just makes it harder this time of year.
    My Nick had an inoperable brain tumor. The decision was the right one, but still torture.

    Big hugs to you my friend.
    May the holiday season bring you peace.


  5. fabulista1

    thanks so much. I’m doing better today, although still really tired. Ramon LOVED chasing elastics. That’s so funny that you point that out. I’m glad you can relate about how important pets are. Mitten Pants sounds like a delightful creature. I’m sure he’s very happy with you.

    I’m SO sorry to hear about both your dogs. I know putting an older dog to sleep is no easier than parting with one whom you’d only known a little while. How awful that you had to undergo both traumas in the same year. It’s really nice to hear from people who have gone through the same thing. I know I did the right thing, but I still feel incredibly guilty. But it helps to know there are others who’ve had to make the impossible decision (not to mention people who’ve had to make the same awful decision for HUMAN loved ones). It makes me feel less like I’m going through it by myself and i really, really appreciate that.

  6. Anonymous

    I really hope you are doing okay right now. a year and a half ago I had to put down our little puppy who was just 2 months old, he had fluid in his lungs and wasn’t going to make it, we had to make the decision to put him to sleep and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had a 17 year old doggie who died later that year and trust me, they both were equally hard. there is nothing that will take the sadness away but time and even then you’ll hurt.

    i’ll be thinking about you.

  7. Tramrak

    awww sweetie…i am so sorry about your terrible loss! Ramon looks like he was a beautiful, sweet and very happy cat. i’m sure he had the best life he could have ever possibly had living with you, even if his life was shorter than normal. you really did make the best (although hardest) decision, it would have been terrible to watch him slowly fade away in the next 6 months, plus you couldn’t have ever really known for sure that he wasn’t in pain. i have a cat (who i call Mitten Pants, but that’s another story!) and i know that he is a huge part of my life and just as important to me as a child is to a mother. i’m sure Ramon is in cat heaven chasing around a hairthing (you know the plain black elastic ones that they LOVE to steal?!) and waiting patiently to be reunited with you. you will be in my prayers, hang in there. from one cat lover to another

  8. Rebecca

    I am so sorry about Ramon. It’s like losing a child. You made the decision because of your love for him, but that does not make it any easier. Take comfort in your friends and family and all of us sending good thoughts your way.

  9. mar

    I am so incredibly sorry. It’s the most painful decision you can make, but you have to know it was the best for him. And remember the love you showed him and how many other animals never get that. Again, I’m really sorry. I know it’s going to take some time to heal.


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