To Do: Visit Space NK apothecary

I’m just not in the MOOD today, you know? I’m on this really annoying “red carpet ready” diet this week for this black tie event I’m going to on Saturday and the fact that all I want to do is eat fries is really coloring my entire disposition. This week has been super busy at work followed by super busy night plans as well (all super-fun, obv, but tiring just the same. You know). Last night was no exception, I was invited to a champagne event with mini facials and makeovers at Space NK Apothecary on 99 Greene Street between Prince and Spring in SoHo. It was unbelievably fab. My friend Stacey invited me and some of her friends from college to attend the reception, thrown by a headhunter vendor she works with. Far too much champagne was consumed. I was provided with a guided tour of every single product in the entire store which carries such faboo lines as Nars, Bumble and bumble, Dr. Brandt, By Terry, and so many more. Should you want to take a gander, make sure my fave new friend Ivica is working. He’s so phenom and we were born just ONE day apart. Can you even believe? We bonded over our love for products and disdain for un-clever packaging. They also have a great Nars makeup artist there from whom I learned SO many tricks. For instance: when applying a shadow as eye liner with a brush, grab a small mirror and look down at it in order to get the brush super close to your lashline. You’re welcome. Should you have an event, he does great work. Wish I could remember his name. It’s a free service as well, although you should purchase a product or two.

Anyhoodle, I tried out BY TERRY Baume De Rose SPF 15, a super hydrating, lightly glossy balm that is the lip balm equivalent of a cashmere sweater. Obviously the texture is nothing like a cashmere sweater, lest you picture spitting small fibers out of your mouth. No, no, that would be the opposite of phenomenal. Rather, it’s faintly tinted with pink and is creamy and long-lasting. Love, love, love. Totally indulgent at $53 for 10oz, but it could make a darling holiday gift!

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