Pour Some Sugar on Me Week Concludes: Klean Bath + Body Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla Body Polish

I’m out of touch, you’re out of touch! Great song, n’est-ce pas? Also, did you like how Pour Some Sugar on Me Week seemingly ended abruptly on day 4 with no conclusion? When I’m at my parents’ house, I have no TIME to do anything, even though I’m mostly doing nothing. It’s a really weird dynamic. Lots of turkey was consumed, lots of shopping was achieved. Hope your Thanksgiving was everything you thought it would be and MORE.

So a full five days later, I’m back with the final body scrub for review: Klean Bath + Body’s Pink Grapefruit-Vanilla Body Polish. It’s sort of psychological to name a scrub a polish because I envision buffing my dead cells off to reveal a luminous me… just by hearing the WORD. The bar was set pretty high, but this stuff makes good on its “claim”. My favorite aspect of it is the cranberry seeds it contains which provide their own exfoliation properties. It smells more grapefruity than vanilla-esque, but the combo is delish. The number one ingredient is pure cane sugar, so pour it ON. $11.50 for the small size.

Photo credit: kleanbathandbody.com

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