Facial Mask, Fresh from the Harvest

I’m SO ready for Thanksgiving. It’s my fave holiday. There is no gift giving guilt (hey, I maintain a Manhattan apartment, mmkay?), you get TWO days off from work, it’s not bitter cold yet in the Northeast, AND, as the great Carla Tate says on The Other Sister, there are more than TWO desserts. I usually go for one dessert: pumpkin pie. So while it was initially difficult to get used to the pumpkin-pie-custard consistency of my new Zia Exfoliating Pumpkin Mask, it was not difficult to get used to the silky smooth skin with which I was left afterward. The all-natural ingredients actually deliver results without irritating my sensitive skin. It’s recommended for normal, oily, or sun-damaged skin. It combines nourishing pumpkin puree with pineapple juice to clear away old cells and pore congestion. It is designed to help correct cell damage and dark patches as it smooths skin’s surface. White willow bark is added to fight blemishes and eliminate oil blockage. My face felt clean post-mask, pores were tighter. It works as a gentle exfoliant, best for those with skin that can’t handle the aggressive abrasiveness of a real scrub. It smells not unpleasant, but not necessarily like pumpkin. I recommend you wash your face first, leave it damp, then apply to the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin, and neck only… avoid the delicate eye area). May your mask yield the same results as the pumpkin pie that Carla consumed on Thanksgiving… if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean. Happy Friday!

Buy it: Zia Exfoliating Pumpkin Mask ($25), Whole Foods.

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