"You Need to Access Your Uncrazy Side."

Darryl Philbin KILLS me, dolls.

The newest gloss in my rotation these days is Hourglass Lip Gloss in Truth (fourth one from the right, pictured above). It’s a nudish-pink, water resistant, non-sticky more-like-a-liquid-lipstick gloss that lasts for.ev.er. (To be said in the voice of that kid from The Sandlot). Perfection with a smoky eye and some bombshell hair and tastes/smells of vanilla. I love the sleek packaging, but have to say that it results in the wand being a little awkwardly long for my liking, but that said, it feels like a dream on and won’t allow your hair to stick to it. Northeast gals will love that aspect. $26 at Sephora.

Photo credit: hourglass.com

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