Just SMASHING, Dahling.

I usually JUST can’t put something with color on my lips until after I’ve had my coffee. Isn’t that weird, being that I am (bordering on creepily) obsessed with makeup and my appearance? Usually, my routine during the week consists of eyeliner, some concealer, mascara, some kind of creme or gel blush and lip balm (clear) until I arrive at work. And then, I met Smashbox Smashing Shine, a light pink, long-lasting treatment lipstick with SPF 15. Its inner core of Vitamin E allows me to feel low maintenance and merely moisturized, while my inner glamazon core applauds the lippie effort I’ve made for a change. $18 at Sephora. Try it out and pity the fool who has the misfortune of commuting next to you on the subway.

P.S. NYCers: My friend L is guest bartending (so 2003, yet so FUN!) at Hook and Ladder on 2nd Ave and 33rd Street, tomorrow night, October 17th from 7:30pm on. She’s fund raising for the marathon and is a member of Team for Kids, a group of more than 1,000 runners who raise funds to support the youth services arm of New York Road Runners. Come and support L if you’re free and in the area!

Photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

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  1. Laura Linger

    These are seriously the best lip products that I have ever used. I love them and have this OCD urge to hoard them. For now, i just have two, one in the reddish stain and the other in the berry shade, in power rotation in my purse. These are worth every single penny, very moisturizing but incredibly long lasting. There is a photo of me on my blog, about halfway down, where I am at a baseball game with my husband. I am wearing the red shade in this picture and I am thrilled with how my lips look.


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