Embrace Your Inner 80s Child

BTW, I may or may not have cancelled dinner plans this week due to a “scheduling conflict”: to watch an entire season of Laguna Beach I tivo’d on The Noggin channel. Anyway, I have a new fun hair tip. I realized that when I put my hair up in a pony after the gym, I had a really annoying bump in my hair when I took it down (just like everyone else in the world). But it occurred to me that one bump is hideous, but several bumps are… kind of bombshell. So in a circa 1986 move, I trisected the ponytail with 2 more elastics and voila! Fab waves. Make sure to trisect the pony in the privacy of your own home, lest you look as if you should be rocking 3 swatches on each wrist with your multi-held-together ‘do. Oh, AND. I’m still loving Nioxin as prep for this look. I started using the Nioxin Scalp Therapy™ System 3 Conditioner– for fine, chemically enhanced hair on my roots (relax, it’s actually good to do this. It says so on the bottle, Nioxin’s all about the SCALP) and then applying their Hydrating Hair Masque on my ends simultaneously. Combining the two conditioners leaves you with luscious, combable locks. What’s better than that? Not one THING.

Photo credit: nioxin.com

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