Eye Can Barely Handle It.

Isn’t it appropriate on this, the eve of my 27th birthday that I am about to review an eyecream? Ava MD’s EyeSite Restorative Cream is my new fave. Don’t you just feel like you’re taking, you know, EXTRA special care of your skin when you use products created by a derm? I sure do. EyeSite comes in a cute spring-green tube (packaging is half the battle) and is the perfect size. It’s also in a tube, so there’s no “messy-on-my-finger” business and it SO does the job. It moisturizes, absorbs quickly and is the perfect consistency: not too greasy, but not so light that it’s Crow’s Feet City and I’m the mayor. It’s such a gem that I feel I must sing its praises despite the fact that I’m totes pissy due to a mage restrictive diet (I’m in a wedding on Saturday), I just learned I’m going to have to move this summer and work is CRA. Thank the lord for products.

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