Boost Your Tan

As previously mentioned, I’m not dark, I’m LIGHT. Therefore, once I finally catch a tan, I want to KEEP it. But you know how opposed I am to powder and its aging properties. I’m SO making an exception for Guerlain’s Tan Booster. It took me this long to try it out (received it from Julia in March) because I plum didn’t understand how a powder could maintain your tan. And was it a bronzer? I was so CONFUSED. Lo and behold, I waited until I had a legitimate tan (thank you, Jersey Shore) and applied some on Monday after returning to the city for a rooftop BBQ and was VERY impressed with the results. It’s intended to prepare, activate and prolong your tan due to an exclusive active ingredient called Tan Booster that will tan skin when the sun hits. It is a bit pricey at $54, but what other bronzer have you seen that can do this? P.S. the color is MARVELOUS for those whom the majority of bronzers cause a “muddy” appearance. And by “those” I mean me. It’s a delightful sheer caramel that makes you appear lit from within, yet not so shimmery that you resemble Miss Texas. Get it here.

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