Lost Lamb Locke

Love, love, loving LOST lately. And I love alliteration, clearly. So, my theory that Locke’s dad is the Real Sawyer was confirmed, that was satisfying. ALMOST as satisfying as the scene where Sawyer kills him. I mean, that was on the level of the Shawshank Redemption scene where the warden is found out. You could also compare it to the feeling one gets when one sees the innards of clogged pores sticking out of a used Biore strip like individual blades of grass. What’s better than that? Not one thing. Anthony Cooper has proven himself to be the most vile villain since Cruella DeVille.

These Locke episodes KILL me to watch, despite the fact that he’s the second most fascinating character on the show (I find Sawyer the most interesting of all). The tragedy he’s endured inspire feelings of sympathy I haven’t had since reading Balzac’s novels in college–specifically Sarrasine, Le Pere Goriot, and Le Colonel Chabert. I mean, he was ostracized Frankenstein-style by yet another community? What GIVES.

And Naomi landed in the ocean upon her arrival onto the island… how is it that every person who makes it onto the island has blacked out through the last leg of the journey? Juliet was on some mage tranquilizers, The 815-ers all fell into the ocean or woke up from an unconscious state (other than sleep) on the island. No one remembers how they got there, except for Kate (she said she saw the whole thing in the first ep), and she could be lying. It gives legitimacy to the theory that they’re in purgatory, or Anthony’s theory that they’re in hell. OR if you read last week’s article in EW about LOST, it could be about quantum physics, meaning they’ve been propelled into an alternate reality where they lived as opposed to another in which they died. VERY Back to the Future Part 2. Anyway. I’ll suffer severe separation anxiety after the season finale.

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