While You’re at Sephora

Picking up some Diorshow, you may as well toss the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler into your black mesh basket. Don’t mess with the Shu. It’s the best eyelash curler on the market. Blast it first with your blowdryer for 30 seconds, then curl your lashes before applying mascara. Even if you’re so hungover you can’t conceive of doing anything other than watching a Who’s the Boss marathon in bed, you’ll look WIDE awake. Trust. I use it to help train my one rogue eyelash that grows in the opposite direction. Is anyone else afflicted with that? It drives me INSANE. Like, as insane as Marty McFly becomes when someone calls him chicken.

1 Comment While You’re at Sephora

  1. Mia

    I am totally feeling you on the lash-that-grows-the-wrong-way bit. I have one on the right eye that just defies the lash curler and goffs at my love of mascara. Just wait til her daddy(DiorShow) gets home.


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