Givenchy Magic Khol Eyeliner

Also a stellar item from the Julia Givenchy/Guerlain bag of delight: Givenchy Magic Khol Eyeliner in number 11, a gorge aquamarine blue shade. When I first saw it, I thought, I haven’t rocked a color like that since I used to mail order small caboodles of Bonne Bell makeup in 1988 (oh, I’ve ALWAYS been like this, even when I was 8). This color, I mused, is SO Helen Conti. PS, I adore Helen Conti (she’s my friend Ang’s mother whom I’ve known for years) and also? She CAN rock the aquamarine liner on the bottom because Helen Conti pretty much does WHATEVER she wants all the time. Love Helen Conti. Anyway, I put a little on my lower lids on the scary inside portion of my eyelid above the lashes (not easy for the squeamish, but after years of practice, it works). I then mixed it with a little bit of black pencil as well and it defined the HELL out of my eyes. Just saying.

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