Paging Dr. Hauschka

If you’re not using Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Contour Day Balm, I seriously don’t understand what you’re DOING (to be said like Will Ferrell does in Wedding Crashers when he says he doesn’t understand what his mother is always DOING in the kitchen. “What is she DOING in there?”). It’s nothing short of phenomenal. First of all, don’t be put off by the color or the consistency. Just tell yourself that the flourescence is a factor you’re JUST going to have to accept. It hydrates like no other, and I’m fairly convinced it could even make Brigitte Nielsen look 25 again. Seriously. The effect is only SLIGHTLY more dramatic than the climax of Genesis song, “In the Air Tonight”. Okay?

And bt dubs? They’re way expensive, but ALL of Dr. Hauschka’s products are amazing. I also enjoy his lip balm and rose day cream. Don’t be scared off by the namaste-holisitic-granola packaging, this stuff DOES the job. I alternate it every other day with my precious Hylexin. Have a superb Monday.

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