Bumble and bumble Hair Powder

Bumble and bumble Hair Powder is simply the best, better than all the rest (5 points if you can tell me who sings that song). I was first introduced to it by my friend Julia, formerly of Bumble and bumble PR in 2002. Since then, the geniuses at Bumble have made their product much more technologically sound: it now comes in an aerosol, colored-to match-your-locks version. The blondish color is perf for yours truly and anyone else with golden-ash-dirty blond hair. White is good for platinum blonds, and the rest is self-explanatory.

This stuff not only soaks up oil immediately if not sooner so you can extend your precious blow-out, it’s ALSO great as a thickening agent for extra-spesh occasion hair, or even just for Saturday night hair, for which I use it. Tragically, my enormous bottle didn’t make it on my Israel trip (never in my life had I needed it more as nightly, we were given one hour to split between 3 girls to shower in one bathrooom) BUT, luckily (or unluckily, I haven’t yet decided) for me, there was enough flying dust and natural debris in the desert during our many hikes that I was able to use it as “natural” hair powder. Seriously. My hair was a different color after the end of the Negev hike. Can you believe?

It’s about $34 at Pasteur Pharmacy on 34th Street between Park and Madison Avenues OR at Bumble and bumble salons.

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