Kerastase is the Conditioner of Gods

My hair was in SUCH a state yesterday that I could barely function in the world. It was so bad that I was endlessly jealous of everyone in my line of vision: women on the subway, coworkers, friends of mine, pedestrians. So I spent $130 on products (a magnum of Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Curl Crème and a bottle of Kerastase Masquintense) to make my haystack of a mane look less so, at least until I can score an Amy appointment at Bumble. I’m happy to say that after one application of Kerastase Masquintense, I am a new woman. The hair is still in dire need of a trim, but no one will mistake me for Garth (of Wayne and Garth). I’m seriously considering cutting my own hair. Has anyone ever tried this? How on Earth do you do it? Happy Tuesday to all!

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