Buh-Bye Bedhead

I pretty much do everything Jessica, one half of the Go Fug Yourself team, says to do. In one of her posts, she asked her readers to provide her with beauty advice and one of them (it ended up being a GUY) extolled the virtues of sleeping on a satin pillowcase to avoid both bedhead and wrinkles (two things I abhor, what about you?). She wrote a follow-up entry about how AMAZING it was and how she had NO bedhead at all. I have had raging bedhead all of my life (is there anyone who hasn’t?). When I was young and *that* vain, I used to wash my hair in the sink downstairs in my house so as to have perfect, not slept-on hair for HIGH SCHOOL. Like it mattered what my hair looked like when I, due to the laws of fashion had to be clad in PLAID FLANNEL and rocking dark Sharon Chersky lipstick. Anyway. I did this because my bathroom’s shower was right next to my parents’ room and the noise of turning it on woke my mother up at the ripe hour of 6am and long story short, I wasn’t allowed to shower in the morning, I had to do it at night. So I’d shower at night and then wash my hair in the laundry room sink. Insane, right? Why didn’t I just wash it at night? Who knows. NOW I wash it at night 75% of the time, unless it’s a) a weekend or b) I’m leaving it curly. But when it’s straight, I have to go over my hair AGAIN in the morning with my sapphire solano lest I show up to work looking a hot mess. Not anymore. After a night on the satin pillowcase, I woke up with nary a strand out of place. I need to order, like 5 more of these. Do yourself a favor and buy one.

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  1. sunnydays13

    Satin pillowcases are the best for your hair and your skin. But you get what you pay for. Do yourself a favor and get a good one to start with. Your hair will be better, no more split-ends and dry brittle hair and your skin will not have pillow creases anymore. Cotton sucks the moisture from your hair and skin. I bought mine at http://www.atouchofsatin.com. Check them out. You’ll be amazed!


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