LOST Recap

I have to interrupt this apparent week of hair products (as the other week was the week of oral health products) to discuss my fave show, LOST.

Um…am I the only one who feels totally weirded out by these new Lostaways? When Nikki and Paolo just show up and start talking with astounding familiarity about Jack and Hurley, I felt as if I’d been abroad for a semester at college and came back to find that my best friends had allowed newcomers to infiltrate. And they were telling me about how “on Sundays, we like to get burritos from Anna’s Taqueria and listen to Sheryl Crowe.” While watching, I was all, “you don’t even KNOW Jack and Hurley.” Really, couldn’t there have been a smoother transition? Arzt and Scott/Steve were folded into the cast in a much more natural manner. I read an entertaining article this morning explaining they’re evidently here to bring sexy back to the island.

Also, has anyone else noticed that in most dream/hallucination sequences on the show, enlightenment (or guidance) comes from ascending to the top of something? For instance, Locke’s dream involving Eko’s brother Yemi advised him to climb to the top of this mountain-like structure. Similarly, in last night’s episode, Boone tells Locke to “come up” an escalator (no easy task as in his dream, he is paralyzed again). Once he reaches the top, he learns whom he must help (Eko). Also, this is super nerdy, but ready? If you freeze the shot of Eko’s stick in the beginning of the episode, it says clearly (and not for no reason) “Lift your eyes up North”. Right under that it says John 3:05. As in, lift your eyes up North, John…What’s the deal? Comment away with your theories!

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