Reason to Sleep In

You know how sometimes you discover a way to do your hair quickly that is so earth-shattering, it’s like having one of those dreams where you find a secret staircase in your house leading to really cool extra rooms? It always seems to be a limited-time thing too, for reasons I can’t explain. One could be the fact that I’ve recently had a haircut, who knows. But to say I’m kinda delighted about it is to say that Flava Flav kinda likes clocks. My new process:

Step 1: Wash and condition hair (This method even allows me to do this the night before)

Step 2: Dry hair using the half-assed method, which I’ve mentioned before. This entails using a round brush around the face and haphazardly running a paddle brush through the rest simply to get it 65% straight. I also apologize for all the percentages I seem to be using of late, I think it’s leftover from my years of working at a Big 4 accounting firm. Use JF’s Wind Down Crème and some frizz serum of your choice.

Step 3: Sleep!

Step 4: Wake up, spray a curl-enhancing spray through the bottom 3/4s of hair. Right now, I’m enjoying the hell out of John Frieda’s Dream Curls. I also enjoy John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Ocean Waves, but it’s difficult to find it in the offseason (not in the Summer). Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray is pricier, but great. Spray enough so that hair is damp, but not saturated.

Step 5: Revel (literally–the word is linked to the French verb “rever” meaning to dream) in the fact that you have an extra 30 minutes to sleep.

Note that this will work best for wavy-to-curly hair.

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